Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It blows, it sucks, it mulches, oh my

I was busy in the yard this weekend -- mainly because I wanted to avoid writing my 50,000 words towards NaNoWriMo, but also because I wanted to try out my new blower.

It's not really new, it's just that I never knew it mulched leaves! What a bonus!

When my dad got it for Matt for his birthday last year, I thought, "We'll never use this." And I only used it once to blow and I found it obnoxiously loud. But this weekend I tried out the vacuum/mulcher feature and it's super. Now I can put mulched leaves on all my garden beds and I won't have the carpet of congealed leaves to pull off in the springtime; I can just leave them to nourish my plants... yum!


Gina said...

rosemarie - which blower do you have? I've been trying to think of a way to get my leaves mulched that doesnt require mowing over them and this sounds like the answer!

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Rosemarie,

We bought one last year too and use it to suck up leaves from patio, porch and around the many containers. I always thought leaf blowers were stupid until reading an article about using them in reverse. It's still a noisy job but instead of just making noise something is accomplished!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Rosemarie said...

Gina -- I think it's a black&decker. It's orange (isn't everything orange?). So far it works good, the bag is small so you ahve to empty it often but it does the job!

Annie - that's how I feel: it's productive noise!

Benjamin Vogt said...

I hope that since it's B&D it's at least rechargable or electric? I have a thing against suburban toys that pollute freely (ignoring the noise here, talking co2 etc). Grrrrr. :)

Rosemarie said...

Benjamin - You bet it's electric. Gas? Yuck.

blueblue said...

You can use a blower to mulch?!? Sounds good to me...but I have a feeling that mine may not do that.

Gina said...

rosemarie - I GOT ONE TODAY AND I LOVE IT! I tried to purchase the B&D "leaf hog" but they said it had been recalled so I bought the Toro - the only other electric one. it has the same specs and was 10 dollars cheaper. i'm happy with it so far.