Monday, December 17, 2007


Carolyn discovered where I've been the last month (thanks Carolyn for looking for me on my main blog!!).

We've been slowly renovating our 1970's split-level since moving in 2005. And since April, we've been renovating the 1st floor (Dining Room and Front Room). We thought it was only supposed to take 3-4 months -- we had some big plans: putting in windows where there were none, a fireplace where there was none, new flooring, trim, paint, etc etc. Instead, it's going on 9 months and we're still working on it. The last 2 months have been a mad dash to get the room to a point where we can move back in the furniture so I've been neglecting the garden and the garden blog. Who can blame me?

So I haven't been doing much gardening -- obviously, it's snowed about 9 inches here so far -- but I am being really successful in overwintering my potted plants. I had some geraniums and gerbers outside that I didn't want to trash for the winter. So I put them in my sunniest window: the laundry room. And so far they are doing so well they are blooming better than they did outdoors!