Monday, January 07, 2008


Welcome 2008!

I have to post this picture of a banana flower that I took in Mexico last week. We spent New Years in Puerta Vallarta with my entire family*.

* I'm Italian, so when I say "family" it means the whole clan of about 13 people (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins...)

The poolside was lined with banana trees and for the most part I just saw bunches of bananas; then I was sitting on a chair and a huge purple leaf fell on my head. I thought it was my grandpa because he likes to throw things at people and then pretend he didn't do it. But it wasn't him this time; it was a banana flower that I was sitting under. It was time for the leaf to fall off so the banana could grow. It's amazing. Under each leaf is where a new set of bananas will flower and create fruit.

In the town of Puerta Vallarta, I didn't see many gardens since the population live pretty dense downtown; but I like the effort made by this local. I love the terrace garden.