Saturday, February 23, 2008

Winter Interest Plants

I am a Garden L-O-S-E-R. I have not read a garden blog in ages, posted only 2 posts all winter, and have not walked in my backyard unless going to compost. It's hard to think about gardening when your yard looks like this (the view from my front door).

I haven't been completely garden-free this winter. Today was my last of 3 classes at the Arboretum called "Landscape Plants --Winter Plants" --where we looked at plants with winter interest (a requisite for the horticulture/home gardening certificate).

If I learned anything, it was that I have no winter interest in my yard. 2 boxwoods in the front do not winter interest make, plus I don't have a lot of evergreens (unless you count the 2 enormous blue spruce, which I don't). This beautiful dwarf blue spruce shrub near where I take classes calls my name every time I walk past. I would love to add this to my yard. I just love the blue color against the sedum 'autumn joy'. And it looks great even now in the winter (especially with the dead sedum heads).

My favorite plant I learned about in class is this one, the Oregon Grape Holly (Mahonia aquifolium) . I love the leaves, the shape, the color, and the fact that in winter it's still evergreen and changes to a lovely purple-shade. The specimans at the Arboretum were lovely but were in sun. It says it tolerates shade, but also needs acidic soil. Now I need to check my soil.


Carol said...

You are still on my feed reader, so even though you haven't posted in a while, your post popped up for me when you did.

Even without winter plant interest, that is a pretty veiw outside your front door.

I also like the Mahonia, but doesn't it do a lot of suckering and spreading if you aren't careful with it?

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Apple said...

If having you blog go dormant for the winter along with your garden makes you a loser then you certainly have a lot of company! Spring still seems very far off.

I get so much snow that I don't worry much about winter interest buy I should.

Rosemarie said...

I forgot that the Mahonia does sucker -- thanks for the reminder Carol!

Sissy said...

So funny!! I betcha I have run into you (or at least past you!) at the Morton!
Two days of 30° weather, do you think it's here???!!

Carolyn gail said...

You're not a loser, Rosemarie, just a slacker.

Time to shake off the weariness of winter and get ready for the coming Spring !

As you probably know I'm a big advocate of evergreens and woody shrubs to provide winter interest.