Thursday, March 13, 2008

The moment of truth

I have been waiting for this moment for 6 months ... in a few weeks, I will find out if I have any skill at all in "bulb planting." (or sooner, my blog posting has shown my first bulbs come up around March 25th).

Will I be seeing more of these this Spring?

Last fall, I planted bulbs for the first time, figuring after 3 years of gardening it was time to do more than just manage the troops. I put the bulbs all over the yard: front and back, by the fence and in a garden bed. I planted 3-4 different types of bulbs. I figured all of this variation has to UP my chance for at least 1 little guy to poke through, greet me with a pretty flower, and boost my ego.

I marked where I planted all the bulbs so I could have my own "Bulb Watch 2008." Whether they bloom or not, it'll be quite a show (i.e. pretty bulbs or me with a sad face).


Gina said...

Rosemarie - me too! Ever since the snow melted, I've gone outside every day and just stared at the ground. Good luck!

Sissy said...

Do you have any crocus foliage, yet? Mine in coming up now!! I know it will be so rewarding to see all those bulbs!

Rosemarie said...

I don't even remembered what I planted!! How horrible! But I don't think I planted crocus ... tulips and hyancinths are what I remember.

kate said...

I certainly hope your bulbs all come up - that's the good thing about not remembering exactly what you planted. I never do even though I always think I will. It's a lovely surprise when any flowers then appear. If you have squirrels in the vicinity, then it's even more better, because they have a tendency to reorganise the bulbs that they don't ferry away and eat.