Saturday, March 01, 2008

Someplace to sit my butt down...and more gearing up for Spring

So remember when I was mad at Smith n' Hawken for raising their prices? Well, now their benches are 20% off ... so maybe someone there read my blog (ha!)

Anyway, I'm through lusting over that Panisse bench. I just got a Horticulture magazine from the library and they listed a bunch of benches and I found a new one.

This one is so close to that Panisse bench and moreover, it's like $200 cheaper.

And then I got so inspired by Annie's fountain making (although I don't feel like "making" a fountain -- not to mention, so you see any SNOW in Annie's photos?), that I used my gift card from my aunt & uncle to get this cool fountain.
So... a bench, a fountain, a dogwood pagoda ... I am also picking up from the Plant Sale...
I think this a great start to a Spring that has not come yet... not at all.


Carol said...

Indeed a great start. I was also inspired by Annie's fountain and I love that bench you picked out. Your garden is going to be something else this year!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

kate said...

You are on a roll, Rosemarie! I like the bench and the fountain is beautiful. That's a wonderful colour.

the Aunt said...

You're welcome!

The Aunt

Benjamin Vogt said...

Where'd ya get that fountain? I too have been ENVIOUS of Annie's fountain.

Rosemarie said...

Thanks! I am excited about the spring to get this all together.

Ben -- The fountain came from smith and hawken because I had a gift certificate.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Great minds think alike? I also ordered the Cornus alternifolia & the Astrantia 'Moulin Rouge" from the Arboretum's plant sale. I'm going to try to stay away from the tent this year. Last year it was impulse buy city & I didn't get it all planted til fall.

Annie in Austin said...

A bench, a fountain and a Pagoda dogwood would make a garden all by themselves! The blue fountain reminds me of the blue pottery in Pam/Digging's garden - the color and shape are lovely.

Astrantias are nice plants - I liked mine a lot - but seeing Brunnera on your list reminds me how wonderful even the plain old passalong Brunnera could be in spring.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose