Friday, April 25, 2008

Bulb Watch 2008 - April 25

The hyacinths and tulips I planted last Fall have finally arisen and ... someone must have been in a peach mood at Home Depot last Fall...

What the heck happened? My bulb garden is a peach garden.
I had to check the bulb packages again and yes, I bought 15 of these tulips in pink/peach, but the hyancinths on the cover were yellow. These are not yellow. But on a different note, there were 7 bubs of hyacinths and all7 came up. I am 100% for hyacinths in Year 1 of BULBS.

Then I bought a big bag of mixed tulips and those are what haven't bloomed yet so I am excited to see what color (probably peach) those will be.

But the 15 tulips called Fosteriana Tulips Albert Heijn look like this and I think they are the coolest.

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Annie in Austin said...

The tulips and hyacinths look great to me, Rosemarie - and I love daffodils like 'Peaches and Cream' and 'Salome', too.
It usually works the other way when we buy something labeled peach but get something else.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose