Saturday, April 19, 2008

A little sun'll do ya

Garden Diary: April 18th

On the 15th, I was toe-tapping because my daffodils finally bloomed and I had something to post for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Three days later, after a little bit of sun and some 70 degree days, I went outside to find everything finally poking out underneath the mottled, shredded leaves I call mulch.

So for my own diary purposes, here's the list of plants coming up now:

My pulmonaria are pretty sad. Last year like now therer wee waves of these guys all in bloom. This year just a few small plants have emerged and some have bloomed.

My native blue cohosh Celandine Poppy (or Wood Poppy) has come up really nice. It's 2 years old and has done really well since I bought it at the Native Plant sale.

Only 1 of my 2 native columbines have appeared this year. They are also 2 years old and I heard that they are short-lived but should re-seed. Alas, they haven't yet.

I bought 2 lady's mantle at the end of last summer and they are both coming back really nice. I love their foliage.

Also coming up are:
  • heucheras
  • hostas are just showing their "fingers"
  • daylilly foliage
  • bleeding heart foliage (both luxurient and formosa)
  • astilbe foliage is emerging
  • oakleaf hydrangea is in bud
  • the tulips all have their buds ready
  • the hyacinths are beginning to turn color


Benjamin Vogt said...

I wish my lungworts were coming up. What's taking so long. And why are hostas so slow? Where are the astilbe? Why is everyting in the shade so slow? But my shrubs are all popping, with some 70s. Only a matter of time... hurry up.... I don't think it'll snow anymore, either--don't scare me like that.

Gail said...

I am getting around to visiting all the folks from Bloom day and wondered if you have had much bloom since then?


Gloria said...

It is amazing what a few days of sun and warmth will do. I even have a few tulips blooming now.
Isn't it nice to watch those brown areas change to green and vibrant?
Today a towhee dug around in the leaf litter and a wren was flittering about and yesterday a common flicker was searching out a little bug lunch on the ground out back. Windows were open for a few hours and even the bees have begun to arrive. I was so ready for this...

Shady Gardener said...

Happy Spring! Your plants look fine. My pulmonaria are all three years old this Spring... and getting better all the time. They don't fill out for awhile, yet.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I think your Blue Cohosh was mismarked - it looks like Stylophorum diphyllum (yellow, poppy-like flowers). I have both & they are very different. I'll have to post my Blue Cohosh photo.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Oops, I forgot, here's my email address so we can meet up Friday.