Friday, May 30, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - May

Okay -- I actually wrote this in May but then never had time to upload my photos. Not only that, but I took photos on May 12, and thn not another one until May 25. I'm flaking this year and it's not even June. I know I'm 15 days late, but I need this for my garden journal ...


May is my most favorite month in the garden. It's not too hot, the plants still look good without me having to prune anything, and there's an air of excitement that summer is just around the corner. Sometimes I like the anticipation better than the real deal.

Here's what's blooming in my 1/4 acre in Zone 5...

In my Native garden:
Celandine poppy - the poor mislabeled plant is now fully enjoying it's new status. And it had re-seeded itself all over my yard.Jacob's ladder - this his his second yr in my native plants garden and he's now blooming, but still small.Virginia Bluebells
Phlox divaricata are almost in bloom

In my woodland garden:
Bleeding Hearts - both variety are in full swing. These are the biggest the Dicentra spectabalis have gotten since I've been here.Pulmonaria - not as many flowers as last year though. Kind of a poor showing.

Tulips - I still have a whole bunch holding on for dear life. My police line-up is still going strong. Just last week, my dark purple tulips in the front bloomed. I just loove this color.

Lamium - These should have been in bloom earlier, but the cold weather stunted them a bit.

Lily of the Valley


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Better late than never. Your Celadine Poppy looks very happy. I think all the snow & cool rainy weather we've had have been just what the spring bloomers want.

Annie in Austin said...

Good for the Dicentra spectabilis! I miss that one, Rosemarie and yours looks lovely.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose