Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shrubs are expensive

Tuesday I drove in to work so I stopped at this garden center I hear is really nice. From the road it looks small, but the place is huge and they have this enormous selection, especially of shrubs and trees; which is something I am in market for right now.

I tore out a couple of overgrown specimens the other year and while I don't miss "them", I miss something with year-long foliage. I'm realizing now that I have too many perennials and especially close to the house, it would be nice to have some evergreens.

So remember the dwarf globe blue spruce I was salivating over at the Arboretum? (Photo to refresh memory)Well, that's what I wanted to find at this place and find it I did ... except the price tag was over $100!!! I asked if they sell smaller plants at a more economical price, but I was told to look at boxwoods then. UGH. I can buy a boxwood at Home Depot.

But I didn't walk away empty-handed, I found this dwarf juniper (Juniperus procumbens 'Nana') at a much better price. It should get 1-2' high and 3-5' wide and I think it'll look great where my lot slopes down. I might even add some rock. I was also pleased because I found on the UConn Hort website that this is species is:
'Nana' - One of the finest groundcover junipers, this old favorite grows similar to the species, but is more dwarfed. Plants appear as a neat, mounded mat of small branchlets 2' tall and up to 10' wide. The plant mounds on itself with age and develops a slight purple cast in winter. (

So this is the start to my evergreen hunt.


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Welcome to the expensive world of conifers! The more desirable & rare, the more it costs. It also seems that the more dwarf the plant, the more expensive. I don't think the price you saw was out of line. (Out of our price range, maybe.)

Carol said...

Yes, shrubs can be expensive, especially specimen-type evergreens. Part of the reason is that it can take years to grow one to a size that people want it to be when they buy it, and that costs money.

Rosemarie said...

Well I'm glad to know I was reading the price tag correctly. Out of my price range is right!