Friday, June 20, 2008

Garden Blogger Bloom Day: June 2008

It's inevitable that I'm always late posting to GBBD, but this time I have a good excuse: I was in Florida!

With regards to the garden, my only instruction to Matt was, "Please water the vegetables and the pots." Other than that, he was off-duty on the garden. And oh boy ... one week away and several rain showers a day means the garden (i.e. the weeds) will play.Check out the weeds between the stepping stones.

I came home to a weed explosion. If GBBD included weeds, then I would have a list from here to wazoo. Slowly but surely I am pulling them out, section by section, and don't they cower in fear when they see me. They had it on easy street when Matt was in charge.

So back to GBBD. On this lovely day in June, I have the following in bloom:

Backyard Fence Garden:
Coral Bells
The wild geranium was in bloom early June (just missed it)

Backyard Triangle Garden:
Clustered Bellflower (Campanula glomerata)
Cranesbill geranium 'Max Frei'
A yellow plant I MUST have planted but I have no idea what it is.

Side Yard:
Japanese Spirea

Front yard Shared Garden:
Oxeye daisies (I actually just pulled them out too)
Daylillies 'stella d'oro'

Front yard Woodland Garden:
Fringed Bleeding Heart
Coral Bells
Hosta (I don't remember the name of it, it's my huge one)
Oakleaf Hydrangea (not fully bloomed yet)
Roses (although katydids have taken over)

Friday, June 06, 2008

Garden Class: Landscape Design

I've started a new class at the Arboretum which is an Intro to Landscape Design.

I think I have no design sensibility. I think my strengths right now are tending to plants; I can take care of everything in my yard, I know what they like and don't like, I know where to plant things, and how to enhance soil, etc... but I don't know how to put it all together to make it look nice.

I have a lot of beds that are more like holding pens for plants. The plants are growing there until I can put them together properly.

For this class (I've only had one so far) we have to work on an area of the yard we want to landscape. My project is the new patio we want to install in the backyard. So the plan is a patio and then the garden around it taking into consideration the lovely Maple Tree already in the area (I think it's an Amur Maple) and the exit from the screen porch which we hope flows into the patio. It's very shady so I'm envisioning mixing a lot of different greens and loads of texture to just make this area as lush as it can be.

Right now, not much is growing in this spot, so whatever I plant might have to be BIG already.

We'll see where this leads... !

Oakleaf ... yellow and green leaves

My oakleaf hydrangea in the front of the house has completely leafed out, although it doesn't appear to be as large as in years past. It's even already started forming flowers and it looks like it might be a good show this year.

But I also noticed that the leaves on the underside are way more green than the leaves exposed -- which are more yellowish. I don't think I noticed this before...

I always thought that yellowing leaves meant chlorosis or something... but then, wouldn't the entire plant be affected??

Chomp, chomp, munch, munch

It's been a month since I planted my Pagoda Dogwood 'WStackman' (Cornus alternifolia ‘WStackman') -- which I recently read was a species discovered not too far away from me here -- and I wanted to post a progress report and show how nice it's been doing -- i.e. not dead.
Miss P @ planting: 5/1/2008

I also found one at the Morton Arboretum in the Fragrant Garden and it's so lovely, I jumped for joy that this is how, eventually, my tree will look.
The one at the Arboretum

I checked my tree and it was doing great, and I took some photos.
Miss P on 5/30/2008 ... status: Happy

2 days later, I went to check on her and all her leaves have been completely torn up. Eaten. Shredded. Chomped on. I spotted some green bugs roosting on the plant and I immediately crushed them with my palms, but that's not the solution.
A few days later ... someone's lunch

I don't think they will kill my dogwood, but she's still a young plant. As long as the roots are fine, I guess it's kind of okay. Has anyone experienced this before?