Friday, July 25, 2008

Vegetable Gardening 08

This is my second year of vegetable gardening. Last year I planted 2 large pots and filled them with 2 types of tomatoes (Roma & Fantastic), some green onion, and small leaf basil (mostly all courteous of my grandpa who taught me how to veggie garden). For me, it was a huge accomplishment to tend my own vegetables, to walk out of my kitchen and pick a tomato off the vine for a dinner salad, or basil to throw into pasta sauce.

This year, I added to my collection of "plants-in-a-pot", increasing the number to 6 plastic pots. Now they contain:
  • 3 types of tomatoes: Early Girl, cherry, and yellow plums
  • green onions
  • 2 types of peppers (yellow and chocolate)
  • purple basil
  • dill
  • strawberries
  • and a squash plant that appeared out of nowhere
My little veggie garden in the sun

So far, the troops are doing well. They all hang out on my tiny 8x8 brick patio that is the only place in my yard to get the full sun they need to grow. I'm okay with this because I like to veggie plant in pots ... mainly because of this:

I think this little guy just ate my very ripe strawberry I was waiting to grow bigger. He has good taste, they're delicious.

My green onion is huge. This came from the grocery store in March. I ate it, then saved the roots and grew them in some water before transplating them outside in April. Now they are the biggest green onions anyone has seen. It could be the compost -- all the pots contain more than 50% composted material.
The squash is a mystery. It just appeared in my strawberry plant. I didn't plant it unless it came from a seed that got into the compost (we compost a lot of veggie scraps). If so ... very cool. Right now I have flowers on the squash plant but no idea if I will get a squash.

The peppers are getting bigger and I just read that I should pick them green and let them ripen off the vine, so that the plant has more energy to make more peppers. I have a lot of flowers, but not a lot of peppers.


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I do my veggie garden the same way, mostly because of the lack of sun, but also because of the rabbits. (I hate to admit it, but that rabbit is actually cute.) Last time I tried peppers, I got 1 fruit & I harvested it in November. This year I have quite a few coming along. I was going to leave them on to ripen. I've never tried to get them to ripen off the plant. I'm interested to know if it works for you.

Rosemarie said...

MMD, I pulled off one of the peppers to see if it would ripen off the vine and so far, no luck. I think I even have to eat it no because it's getting "old." From now on, 'm leaving them on.

garden girl said...

Hi Rosemarie, I've been thinking about using some of my containers for veggies instead of ornamentals next year. I do have a spot on the side of the house where there's enough sun. I'm interested to know what kind of yields you're getting from container veggie growing.

My biggest concern over there is the lack of a convenient hose hook up, and the fact that I'm not usually over there. It would be easy to forget or get lazy about watering.

Anonymous said...

i took your "what kind of flower are you" quiz and we are the same, can't I have anything by myself!!?? Oh, love the pic of the bunny, how did you snap that? I don't think peppers are like tomatoes, they need to stay on. They will turn red if you leave them long enough, very sweet and yummy. Mom

Rosemarie said...

Garden Girl -- I feel like a get pretty good yields using pots. I'm not sure what a lot to you is, but I'm never without veggies once they start ripening. Good luck with pots!

Mom - I figured out the hard way with the peppers. I'm leaving them on now even if they topple over.