Thursday, September 04, 2008

Evil Fish

We were walking through an Art Fair one weekend and we came upon a man who collects metal scrap and turns them into garden art. So automatically Matt and I fell in love with everything.

He made dogs, cats, even a caterpillar, flowers, and a huge motorcycle. But what Matt and I wanted was something that would stand out in our pint sized backyard filled with patches of purple phlox and annabelle hydrangeas tumbling between the picket fence.

You know, something that would add character and a bit of whimsy to our quaint little garden. Like ... an Evil Fish that stands 7-1/2 ft tall?

Got one of those Mister?


Aim said...

Oh, I so love your evil fishie! How cool is that?! That is really neat--can you tell me the name of the artist who makes those? I'd love such an ornament for my own garden....!!!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

That fish is great! I love rusty garden art, & that one is perfect for your garden. Enjoy!