Saturday, September 20, 2008

Garden Journal Friday - Photos posted


For my maintenance class, we are supposed to keep a garden journal. Since I have this blog, I thought I'd incorporate my garden "journal" into here every Friday. I guess I "journal" but not like in a true gardening sense. I'm also blessed with a most uncanny memory that I pretty much know everything I planted and when I planted it... it's kind of scary.

So here's my first "Journal" entry of what I did the last few weeks:


In my Triangle Garden I,

  • built the bed bigger and moved some plants around
  • cut down all my tall bearded irises. They did this at the Arboretum, and even though my greens weren't ratty (far from it), I still trimmed them back.
  • pruned some dead wood stems from potentilla frucitosa
  • planted 2 new irises our teacher gave us from the Arb's Fragrant Garden (she was showing us about plant division)
  • noticed the campanula glomerata that I cut back to basal has reflowered like it should have.
  • noticed The pinky winky hydrangea that I planted this year is turning pink. It really did well it's first year. I am really looking forward to how this plant grows.
In the Southwest Garden, I,

  • started removing the ground cover and weeds from along the fence. In it's place I transplanted some varieties of hostas I divided from the front yard, part of the Astilbe from the side yard (that was getting too much sun and not enough water), and some lungwarts. I hope these will be good companion plants to the Pagoda Dogwood.
  • The Pagoda Dogwood is doing great. It's really starting to branch out and show it's horizontal shape. I hope it survives the winter.
In the Porch garden, I,

  • noticed how well the impatiens I planted did here. They also look really nice against the white spotted lungwarts and the variagted fountain grass. I should plant them again here next year.
In the Fence Garden, I:

  • am pretty happy about this garden. This is it's 2nd season and the plants have really come in great (I did plant them with great compost). The pulmonaria around the birdbath leafed out incredibly. I do want to add some shrubs here but I need to widen the bed which I want to do when we put the patio in (next year??). For now I will leave as is and enjoy it as a perennial garden.

In the front of house:

  • I'm worried that I planted the dwarf blue spruce too close to the oakleaf hydrangea, but for now the 2 colors look nice together.
Native Plant Garden:

  • I haven't commented on the Spicebush I got in April, but it's doing really well (see it behind the hosta)
  • The Shorts Aster is such a treat (although it is everywhere at the Arb). It grew triple it's size this year and has fallen over because nothing around it is holding it up. Here is was last year.
Barberry Bed:
  • I moved out the line of stella d'oro daylillies that were obviously planted here when there was more sun, ad replace it with a bigleaf hosta from my mom's yard. I moved the daylillies to the other side where there's more sun.
Circle Bed:

  • I transplanted 2 lady's mantle and another painted fern here, along with some new heucheras I got over the summer.
  • Under the maple, nothing wants to grow big, of course, and they seem to die back soon. So I planted a piece of pachysandra from my mom's yard, we'll see if that takes. I'd be happy with this section as only ground cover.
By the street:
  • Under the plum tree I was having turf wars with the lamium and vinca. I have this going on in a lot of places in my yard and I secretly hope the vinca wins. Here, the vinca will win because I've pulled out the lamium and added a few more vinca plugs. I think it's dark green foliage will look better.
  • I wanted to fill in some bare areas with low maintenance plants so I divided up some lungwarts and added some here.
Whew ...


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Wow, you've been busy and gotten so much done. All I've been doing is pulling out crabgrass. X^( My new Pagoda Dogwood is battling it out with a Japanese Anemone. I think the Anemone's winning. I look forward to seeing photos of everything very soon.

garden girl said...

Wow Rosemarie, you HAVE been busy! Everything's looking lovely!