Friday, October 03, 2008

Pruning the Korean Lilac

I tested renewal pruning for the first time on one of the Dwarf (ha!) Korean Lilacs in my front yard's Center Garden.

These lilacs have gotten very large over the 3 years I've been at this house, and the most I have done with them is give them a good shearing after they bloom.

As you can see from the pictures, 2006 it was sporting a flat top and was very meatball shaped (must have had the grandpa over to help shear);

by 2007 it came into it's own with a beautiful naturalized shape,

and then 2008 was bloom-rific if not getting pretty big. And it doesn't look like it needed pruning but the inside was just all wood.

So after renewal pruning, it now looks like this:

Kinda small, kinda sparse, kinda sad. We'll see how it takes for next year.


Northern Shade said...

This is a nice look at before and after pruning. I have to watch when I start pruning that I don't get carried away. It is so satisfying to see the transformation. Standing among the snipped off carnage, I'll start to think, "Maybe that was that too much transformation."

Aim said...

I like those photos too! I love to prune...I sure miss getting into my garden. Thanks for sharing your experiences and your garden with us :)

Annie in Austin said...

"Renewed" shrubs look weird at first, don't they, Rosemarie! Years ago I belonged to a horticultural volunteer group who worked in our local park. We renew-pruned entire hedges of Palibans and pruning gets addictive!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Gina said...

Rosemarie - I just bought a baby one of these this spring so it was nice to see a mature one. I'll be following along to see how it grows next year.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I really like that bed in between the driveways, and the Lilac is the focal point. It will thank you for this type of pruning by blooming better than ever.