Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vegetable Garden Round-up

I just composted the last of the vegetables today - the peppers. I had a good run this summer, harvesting a lot of vegetables in 6 pots on the patio.

Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes
Early Girls
Yellow pear

Golden Summer Sweet Pepper
Chocolate Beauty Sweet Pepper

Everybearing Strawberry Fragaria 'Tristar'

Tomatoes: Last year the Fantastics did better than this year's Early Girls for large tomatoes.
I liked the cherry tomatoes, but I got one plum tomatoe plant inadvertantly this year and those I liked the best. So I would plant plums over cherries next year.
The yellow pears were great, we put them in salads, soups, they were fun to grow.

Peppers: Both the yellow and the chocolates turned out good. The trick is to let them start to turn on the vine, and then you can harvest them and they will turn color. But if you pick them before they start to turn, then they never will -- but are still good to eat. I'd plant both of these again.

Strawberry: I only got about 4 strawberries this year (and 3 more are on the vine ripening as I type), but I like the idea of eating pesticide free strawberries so I'm going to plant this one in the ground over the winter and see if it survives.

For next year ... I started with just tomatoes in 2007, added peppers in 2008, so for 2009 I'd like to add cucumbers and zucchini. Do I have enough pots??


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Looks like you had a pretty & tasty harvest. I'm still harvesting my peppers. I'm hoping to get at least one more Bell pepper and a few more Jalapenos. I think this was a really good year for them.

garden girl said...

Hi Rosemarie, your veggies look so pretty! Sounds like you got a lot from your pots. I hope to start a veggie bed this fall, but if I don't get to it maybe I'll try pots on the sunny side of the house in the spring. You and MMD seem to do very well with veggies in containers.

michael mcafee said...

Hi Rosemarie!

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