Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A gardener's best christmas present!

We just got back from our early Christmas in Nashville with my husband's family, and my sister in-law gave me the best present a gardener could hope for ... seeds!

Not just any seeds, but ones from the plants in her garden. I am so excited, but nervous because I normally don't grow from seed and I don't want to ruin any of them. I did read that they should be stored in paper envelopes, so I will do that and then start germinating them in March.

The seeds she gave me are:
Aster 'Wonder of Staffa' (Aster x frikartii 'Wonder of Staffa')
Echinacea 'Cotton candy' (Echinacea purpura 'Cotton Candy')
Gaillardia 'Oranges & Lemons'
Gaillardia 'Fanfare'
Coreopsis 'Snowberry' (Coreopsis auriculata 'Snowberry')
Jamson Gerber (Gerbera jamsonii)

The Gerber and Coreopsis are not in my hardy zone (Gerber is definitely not). But the Coreopsis is a Zone 6, so maybe if I plant it in the best sunny location with good shelter, it may work. It's worth trying, even for just 1 season of flowers.

Thansk Angie!!!


angie said...

I needed this book before I gave you the seeds. It has templates in the back for making seed packets. It also has an interesting tip about germinating seeds in gelatin. Did you read that part?

Tina said...

not sure what zone you're in, but have you ever thought of trying the seeds by a technique called Wintersowing (seeds outside in jugs in the snow)? It's super easy and tons of fun! And you end up with a gazillion plants for pennies. I should be playing in my soil right now, but I think I'll wait to start until after New Years and things calm down a little.
Here is a bit of info if you'd like to give it a try or have any questions :)
Wintersowing FAQ's
Wintersowing forum

Stacy said...

How exciting! That is the perfect Christmas present@ Makes me wish spring was closer - I want to start planning my garden again!

Scott said...

I love it when I receive seeds (and plants!) from folks. Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that the seed exchange I am putting together with some friends will get me some Pawpaw seeds.

Gina said...

Hey - i was in Nashville, too! That's awesome about the seed gift. Good luck with them!

The Garden Faerie said...

LOL... I thought the best gift was going to be compost, but seeds are just as good! I also winter sow; this is my fifth season with it and I enjoy it! (Now I have to figure out who i can get to give me compost next year...)
~ Monica

aurora7948 said...

Hi Rosemarie! Seeds are an awesome gift! I saw that you recieved some Wonder of Staffa Aster seeds. Those are proving to be very hard to come by. I have been searching for them for several weeks now for my best friend for her first flower garden and all I can find are the plants themselves (which are too expensive for a couple of poor college students). Do you know if your sister in law has some extra Wonder of Staffa seeds that she would be willing to part with? Or do you know where she got her seeds from? I would great appreciate any help you could give me in trying to obtain these seeds for my friend. You can contact me through my livejournal username or through my yahoo email which is the same. Thanks in advance. ~Aurora~