Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: April

For more Garden Blooms, visit Carol @ May Dreams Gardens.

For the first time in a very, very long time, we had a beautiful Easter Sunday. I only remember once when my mom the Easter Bunny hid our eggs outside, so we made sure to do this with my nephew. I think hope that the snow is behind us. If Bloom Day was the first weekend of April, this would have been my photo … are you all jealous yet?

But the weather has warmed up, and now it’s starting to Bloom … You know, everytime I have to write “Bloom” for Bloom Day, I think of bloomers – my grandma’s name for underwear -- and it just makes me smile. Anyway.

Here’s what’s blooming in my garden

Daffoldils & Scilla – In the backyard southwest garden. The daffs held tightly closed through the frost and snow of last weekend, but then finally emerged Easter weekend as if nature’s alarm clock had been snoozed enough times. They bloomed earlier than last year (April 15), but later than 2007 (March 26). The scilla (pass-along plants from my neighbor that I planted last year) started blooming last month.

Pulmonaria - All over my garden (front and back). Last year I barely heard a peep out of them, so I’m pretty happy.

American Plum Tree --This is most likely the last year for this lovely tree. Black Knot has completely consumed it. The last 2 trunks will get taken down this Fall.
Viburnum - I thought this was a Judd Viburnum, but I think it's a Korean Spice. I made a solemn vow to this plant never to shear it again into a meatball.
Native Bluebells - Planted ’06-’07 as pass-along plants from my former neighbor. They haven't taken over my yard yet as they did hers... give them some time, right?
What's blooming in your garden?


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I love the yellow of the Daffodils with the blue of the Scilla. I just can't get enough of that color combo in spring. I'm still waiting for my Pulmonaria. I bet it would be blooming already if it got a little sun. Your Mertensia looks like mine - ready to pop. I bet it won't take more than a couple of years for that Mertensia to be all over your garden, but in a good way.

lostlandscape said...

I've never lived where it snows and always am amazed at how quickly the snow can vanish and spring can arrive. It looks like your garden has turned that corner with your great early bloomers. I hope to check back and see how things are progressing!

donna said...

That snow picture gave me shivers all over again. I have 3 Pulmonaria and thought I was lucky. All over your yard? They look so pretty even when done flowering. I still love your Rosmary's Garden bench!

Annie in Austin said...

Awww, Rosemarie, Virginia bluebells and Pulmonaria are such nice plants - remember them well in our semi-shady garden in IL. The Mertensia had been growing there for 8 or 9 years by the time we left - it had spread but not outrageously. We had heavy clay, unlike MMD's well-drained soil.

Sorry about your flowering plum, but its departure will give you room to try something new.

Happy Blooming Day,

Annie at the Transplantable Rose