Monday, April 06, 2009

Plans for a new vegetable garden

After much himming and hawwing, I've decided to transform part of my backyard into a vegetable garden.

As if I don't say this enough, my backyard is tiny - 50' x 20' - and only a small portion of it gets 6+ hours of sunlight even when all the old trees fill in overhead. That's where I currently have a small perennial garden bed, and where the previous owners put in small patio that houses the water hose, a small shed, and the exit from the kitchen.

What could be a more perfect location for a vegetable garden?

I walk out of my house and there's my dinner; the water source is there so I don't have to lug hose slung over my back like a sherpa; the small shed will keep the hoe, the pruners, the tomato cages ...

Right now, I container-vegetable-garden on the patio because of it's constant sun. But I'm running out of space for pots and last year I found that I was forced to put them so close together that they didn't do as well as they should have.I don't have a lot of room for sunny perennials, and I like this cute garden bed (the Triangle Garden),but to be honest, I can't enjoy it. There's no place from my house or yard where I can enjoy this space. So ... tough decision, but I'll find new homes for these plants.

Now, we have plans to re-side the house next year, so I'm not sure if it would be prudent of me to do this this summer.


Anna said...

Good luck with your plans for the new veg garden. It looks as if you have found the perfect spot :)

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

50x20 is fairly large by my standard ... I am sure you can do wonders!! ~ cheers, happy gardening ~ bangchik at blotanical

Ginger said...

Thanks for visting my blog! The background is free from

I have a vegetable garden in my backyard, too - mine is all in raised beds. My backyard gets a decent amount of sun, but probably not enough for tomatoes and peppers to really thrive. They do ok, though.

Great blog. I'll be back to see how your new garden goes!