Monday, May 11, 2009

Backyard Gardens: May 8th

I've still been taking photos and I think this will really help as the season moves on, and to plan for next year. I can already see beds where spring interest is lacking.

Porch Garden:
-- Sedum, pulmonaria (both darker and lighter foliage). A fern and hosta. The impatiens I planted here last year were nice filler as the grass grew bigger (the main focal point).

Fence Garden:-- Slow to emerge ... Out are the astilbes, brunnera, & pulmonaria. The hosta here is a slower emerging one. One of the heuchera's died. In the back I added the dwarf oakleaf hydrgangea from the Arboretum.
Hydrangea Quercifolia ‘Little Honey

brunnera macrophylla 'Looking Glass' (Year 2)

Southwest Garden:-- Groundcover of lamium, daylillies, pulmonaria, virginia bluebells, tulips, phlox. Astilbes and hostas in the back hang our with the baby Pagoda Dogwood.
Cornus alternifolia ‘WStackman' (Pagoda Dogwood - Year 2)

Triangle Garden:
-- The ajuga is in full bloom.

West Side:
-- The 1st half looks great -- pulmonaria, hostas, lilly of the valley battling with vinca, some daylillies, coral bells, irises, and tulips. Here I also planted my new double stuff echinicea.
--The 2nd half - by the newly planted korean lilac - has to get a makeover.


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I know what you mean about the gap this time of year. My front garden could use a bit more zip right now while waiting for the Phlox pilosa to do its thing. I need to divide & spread around the Geum triflorum & the Pulsatilla.
It's fun to see your Brunnera 'Looking Glass' and your variegated Dogwood, to compare with mine from the same sale. It looks like your Dogwood has recovered from the critter pruning.

Ginger said...

it's all coming together nicely!

what is the double stuff echinacea??

garden girl said...

I love that pagoda dogwood. Hmmm. . . might have to get one of those! I have Looking Glass in its second year too. I thought it was kind of ugly last year, but am very pleased with it so far this year.