Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lilac Update

I just learned that a dwarf Korean lilac is also known as a Meyer's Lilac. That's a lot easier to type, and I still think dwarf is very misleading.

Anyway, they are in bloom and they are gorgeous. of course, the one I didn't prune is more gorgeous but the other one still has blooms. It just needs another year or two.


Aim said...

You're right, they smell delicious, I was pleasantly surprised to walk past one blooming outside my office today! At least something "sunny" in this gloomy weather =)

Ingela said...

Lovely lilacs! Ours havent started blooming so I have somthin to look forward to. We plantet 12 Syringa "Reflexa" 3 year ago and for the first time its going too bloom with heeps of flowers. May is wonderful and june when everything starts to show it´s coulors. Like youre aquilegulas especially the "black" one.

:-) Ingela