Friday, May 08, 2009

The Shrub Shuffle

I had like 4 posts written and nothing got posted. Oh well. Life continues.

Last weekend, we took advantage of beautiful 60 degree spring days -- the kind where you can be outside all day long and not feel tired or hot or anything -- to move some shrubs around Or as I like to call it: The Shrub Shuffle.

1) We removed the viburnum from the West Side Garden. That took Matt over 3 hours (good thing it was cool out). It was to big for it's space. In it's place, we transplanted a small korean lilac that was in our backyard.

Before & After
(You can see that many lily of the valley were sacrificed for this!)

2) We removed the dwarf blue spruce we planted in the front last year (no one sees it here, and we wanted to remove it before it got to rooted). We put it in the southwest garden where that korean lilac had been. I'm definitely liking how this looks.

Before & After

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Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Don't worry about sacrificing some Lily of the Valley, they'll be back stronger than ever next year. I just hope you cut the blooms for inside before you dug them up.
The shrub shuffle looks great & is a great way to save money.