Friday, July 17, 2009

Foliage Fridays

A Study in Contrasts put up some photos of foliage and plant combinations where foliage really stands out.

I'm glad she did this, because as I grow as a gardener, one of the things I've been working on this summer is developing interesting combination. And with perennials, I find it great to move things around to see what works with what.

Here are my contributions to Foliage Fridays

This is in my southwest garden (part shade).
I got rid of a lot of ground cover and randomly threw in hostas, pulmonarias, and ferns, and some ajuga late last summer and they really took. They may need to get divided a little later this summer.

This is in the front by the street.

The goatsbeard was always there (but has grown), I added the pulmonaria last year and hosta 2 years ago.
I love the way this looks in a very shady area

This is the backyard fence garden - newly done 2 summers ago.
I just planted the dwarf oakleaf this summer and I love it with the purple leaves of the heuchera. Again, another very shady area that's getting a great dose of color.

The other side of the fence garden, gets little more sun.
I love the Jack Frost brunnera against all the green - and here I went for different texture foliage (ferns, astilbes, pulmonaria, hosta, and wild geranium)

Finally, another area of my southwest garden where I added an actual shrub
-- a dwarf blue spruce -- that mixes things up.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day July 2009

I have a lot more daylillies than I thought, also blooming are -- yarrow (white and pink), oakleaf hydrangea, comeflowers (regular and double stuff (as shown in photo), astilbes, and annabelle hydrangea.

Happy July!
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Friday, July 10, 2009

I hate the term "Water Feature"

A few weekends ago, my husband's body was invaded by a 48-hour foreign-like substance (extraterrestrial, perhaps) that feeds on labor activity - specifically of the outdoor kind. How else could I explain the fact that he spent the whole weekend in the yard, setting up the new water fountain, and cleaning out the garage? I think that foreign creature is all charged up now, I was sad to see him leave.

Ha ha!

The water fountain is officially installed and bubbling. However, what do you think looks better ...

rocks only around the fountain OR rocks trailing up

Monday, July 06, 2009

The 2009 Vegetable Garden: Heirloom Tomatoes

I haven't yet posted on what I have planted in my vegetable garden ... the vegetable garden being the 2 enormous pots that sit on my small utility patio in the only full 6+ hours of sun I get.

Last year I upgraded to 6 pots (2 very large, deep ones and 4 smaller ones) but I found it harder to get air circulating. And even though I got peppers in those smaller pots, I think they would have done better with more room.

So this year I went back to the 2 pots and I am only planting heirloom tomatoes. Why? Because I joined a CSA with my neighbor (we got our first crop last week!) so I'll be getting tons of vegetables. And because I've never grown one, nor have I ever eaten one. I figure they would be my next challenge.

I have 3 different varieties:
Where I buy tomato plants, for 1 small price you get 4 plants. With the heirlooms, that same price gets you 1 plant. So my odds have not been in my favor.

However, they are doing great! For my birthday last week the 2 tomato experts (dad & grandpa) were shocked at how large my plants were compared to their's. They couldn't believe I'd have such huge plants by the end of June. I told them it's because I love my plants more (ha ha).Great White

In addition to tomatoes, I also have rosemary, basil, and parsley.

Next year, after our house has *hopefully* been re-sided, I plan to convert this area to 2 long vegetable beds.