Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rain Barrel water pumps?

Has anyone had any experience with water pumps for rain barrels?

We are now a 2-rain barrel household, having just installed the 2nd rain barrel on the other side of the garage.  Now the entire roof of the garage goes into a rain barrel (we have 3 separate roofs on our house).

This rain barrel was free; we found it behind my dad's shed, a place where things go to die. Where he got if from is anyone's guess; but then again, the man is a mystery. 

Now that we have these 2 barrels, I have decided that I am sick of carrying watering cans full of water all over my yard. I want to use the hose but there's not enough pressure.

Solution? A water pump.

I saw landscapers using pumps to water our Memorial Park in our downtown; they brought huge vats of water to the site on flat bed trucks and then they pumped the water as if it were a hose connected to a main line. I watched in awe.

I found some pumps on but it seems that if it says Rain Barrel Pump, the price is double. Is there another kind of pump that works as well? Sump Pump? Pool Pump?

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Saltwater Tough said...

Have a look here:

garden girl said...

I haven't gotten any rain barrels yet, but want to. I've heard that elevating them helps with pressure. When I finally do get one (or more) I'll probably try that, and maybe try connecting a short regular hose attached to a soaker hose in the garden. All theoretical, don't know how well that'd work, but that's how I'd start.

MrBrownthumb @ Chicago Garden said...


I was listening to Mike Novak's gardening show recently and Beth Botts was the guest/co-host a couple of weeks back and it was all about rain barrels for about an hour. This subject came up but I can't remember the answer.

One thing I do remember from the show was that Garden Girl mentioned. You probably already have them raised but if you don't raising them helps the pressure.

Jayne said...

@garden girl - I have heard the exact same thing regarding the elevation. There seems to be a lot of garden Water Feature Pumps. I think the best advice would be to ask at a garden centre. You'd be surprised how efficient these pumps are nowadays.

hose adapters said...

Cool! My mom also use rain barrel to save water for the garden. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this interesting post. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

attach a small pool pump to the outflow...or use a fountain pump...