Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Garden things (from a while ago!)

We put up our 2nd rain barrel!

Does everything grow in my yard? I found this petunia growing between the stones in my back patio. Petunias re-seeding in Chicago? Say what?

Really, does everything grow in my yard? My mom got me a seed packet from the garden show. I threw them in my yard. She threw them in hers. I got plants. She got nothing. It's gotta be the dirt. Really it's not me. (The seeds I tried to grow the right way - i.e. in my egg cartons with lots of TLC - yielded nothing. Yet me throwing them in the yard ... plants. Go figure.)

New garden art! From my grandpa, he's so sweet. Even though he threatens to shear all my shrubs into meatballs, and he mows my grass during my birthday party because he thought it was too long, he knows I love my garden and my cats and he bought me this.


garden girl said...

Kudos on the new rain barrel Rosemarie!

What a sweetheart your grandpa is - I love your new kitty.

neil said...

Becareful using the RAIN BARREL water for vegetables... depending what the roof is made of there may be residues in the water runoff that may be harmful...

happy Gardening!
have a great day

(you have some nice pics)