Sunday, November 22, 2009

My plant wish list for next year

I've been looking through Tracy DiSabato-Aust's (what a cool name) new book and now have a whole new list of plants for the garden! Most of these don't look like the kind I can get at the average garden center so I might have to do some investigatory work. Good thing it's November!
  • Dwarf Rocky Mountain Fir -- if I can find the right spot
  • Paperbark Maple -- as a possible replacement for diseased plum tree
  • Spiny Bear breeches
  • Purple Snakeroot
  • Blue False Indigo
  • 'Golden Heart' Bleeding Heart
  • 'Brilliance' autumn fern
  • Indian pink

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Fall clean up is done. We were blessed with unseasonably warm weather this weekend (usually we get our first snow), so we took advantage to finish up all the leaf raking, mulching, and composting.

I’ve definitely been absent this season, both in the garden and on my blog. It was a difficult one for my husband and I. We suffered two miscarriages (June & October) and that has really put a damper on my spirits, not to mention that while I was in early pregnancy I was hesitant to do any garden work. So spring cleanup was late this year, and we thought Fall cleanup would look the same … but lo and behold, beautiful weather. Just for us.