Saturday, June 20, 2009

Garden Walk

Two weekends ago, I went on my first garden walk.

My mom and aunt, veteran "walkers" of all sorts -- garden walks, house walks, kitchen walks - came with me for my inaugural jaunt. They were impressed with my focus. My aunt said to me, "I thought you'd want to spend an hour in each garden, but you're quick."

My answer to that was, "If the owner was there to show me his/her plants and wanted to talk about them, then I could be there for days. But if they're not there, then I'm one focused chick. I take pictures, get inspiration, and move on."

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Garden Walk

All the gardens were so different, but there were three that I really loved. I am sure they had professional people involved, but it didn't "feel" like it. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Sometimes gardens look too stylized. These three had a more grown in feel, like even if it started as professional, the plants were left to naturalize, or in some cases the beds looked home-grown. That tends to be more my style.

My aunt, on the other hand, hated those gardens (her two favorites were my least favorite). It seems that gardens are like men ... there's something/someone for everyone.

Here are a few photos from my favorite gardens.

A lovely (small sized) pond.
I love how the terrain, the slop of the lot, and garden work hand in hand here.
And sometimes you gotta do ground cover.

This patio was my favorite, all the cut outs for small gardens.
And this tree just adds such a pretty place to rest under.

A total shade garden, they really did a lot with color and texture. I love the fern in the pot.

The same shade garden, pathways and hostas.

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - June

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I was a little late this month ... well, a little more than little. :-)

Clockwise from top left: Native geranium, Snow of summer (??), tall purple bearded iris, white peony, cranesbill geranium, masterwort, gerber yellow, gerber pink. Center: Daisy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Garden Surprises

I have not been doing much "gardening" this past month, and I had a personal set-back recently which makes me yearn to be in my garden all the more.

So imagine my joy when I saw three plants, that I planted last year, have bloomed for the 1st time. Just in time for a much needed pick-me-up.

I have never seen this plant before, but bought one at my native plant sale 2008 because it's shade loving. The only bad thing is that no one can see how lovely this plant is; I had to crouch down low to get this photo. (in the native garden front yard)

Another plant I bought new last year at the Arboretum Sale and seeing it in bloom makes my heart flutter. I am in love. (in the kitchen garden backyard)

White Peony
This was the plant I discovered 2 summers ago growing in my yard. My former neighbor told me that the former, former owners had a huge peony garden but that thy hadn't seen a plant in ages. Well, it appeared just for me and I moved it late summer 2007, but last summer 2008 had no blooms. This year it bloomed and it's white!! (by the front of house)
Wishing you all many garden surprises this summer!