Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rain Barrel water pumps?

Has anyone had any experience with water pumps for rain barrels?

We are now a 2-rain barrel household, having just installed the 2nd rain barrel on the other side of the garage.  Now the entire roof of the garage goes into a rain barrel (we have 3 separate roofs on our house).

This rain barrel was free; we found it behind my dad's shed, a place where things go to die. Where he got if from is anyone's guess; but then again, the man is a mystery. 

Now that we have these 2 barrels, I have decided that I am sick of carrying watering cans full of water all over my yard. I want to use the hose but there's not enough pressure.

Solution? A water pump.

I saw landscapers using pumps to water our Memorial Park in our downtown; they brought huge vats of water to the site on flat bed trucks and then they pumped the water as if it were a hose connected to a main line. I watched in awe.

I found some pumps on but it seems that if it says Rain Barrel Pump, the price is double. Is there another kind of pump that works as well? Sump Pump? Pool Pump?

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Speaking of how things have grown ...

... in 2006 we were celebrating our 2nd year in the garden by adding these 4 hostas from Home Depot at the base of the Blue Spruce, in the front yard by the street.
This is what they look like now.
The poor chartreuse one is being squeezed out! Not to mention that the rest of the yard has exploded too. It's a serious jungle.

The Pagoda Dogwood: One Year

I planted the Pagoda Dogwood in my backyard last May. It was the first tree I ever planted. My how they grow up so fast.

August 2008

August 2009
Despite being chomped on by a tall bunny in the springtime ... and then being chomped on by bugs in June (bollweevils is what they look like to me), it's managed to remain alive and develop the horizontal shaping that these are known for.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

First tomato of the season

I have harvested my first heirloom tomato -- one extremely large Great White tomato.

The word harvested sounds funny when you have 2 large pots on the patio.