Friday, May 14, 2010

20 minutes a day...

With the belly growing day by day (I'm now 28 weeks along), gardening has taken a back seat.

I thought I could just let my husband do the work while I pointed to things, but no. I like to get my hands dirty; I like to prune, pull, and propagate. I like to stand back and watch the fruits of my labor grow into bigger and better things (I am still talking about plants here). But I can't do too much, as my body is not letting me cooperate.

So I got inspired reading one of my Chicagoland Gardening magazines where Mike Nowak took care of a small piece of his property in 20 minutes (basically showing that in 20 minutes you can clean up a small space, as to not get overwhelmed).

I can do 20 minu ... and before I could finish that thought I was out with my pruners in hand.

I tackled the west side garden:
  • pruned the lilac growing into the house
  • pulled out groundcover growing into the walkway (vinca, lilly-of-the-valley)
  • pulled weeds
  • pruned spent flowers off lungwart
  • pulled out any clematis not growing upward (so that my neighbor could get into her backyard without danger of getting lost)
And now I could just stand back and look, and smile. One small (but very large) task done.


garden girl said...

Looks great Rosemarie! I'm so happy for you that this pregnancy is going well. My little granddaughter just turned three months old a couple of days ago. The time has flown! In about that same amount of time you'll be holding your new little one in your arms. So exciting!

Debbie's Garden said...

Even once the baby is here 20 minutes a day will seems like alot to accomplish. Good to know it makes a difference isnt it?

Stacy said...

I know the feeling! Yesterday was so hot that our plans to sit outside were foiled - and normally I never get that hot. We had a little kiddie pool filled with cold water for our feet and were in the shade with a tub of ice and bottled water between us - but we retired inside before 2PM!

Gardening beyond the simple act of walking around the yard and looking at my plants and pulling the occasional weed has been pretty non-existent. I just don't have the gumption I normally do - especially when it comes to digging in our hard clay soil.