Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why leaving tags on plants is a good thing.

So you can find the plant the rabbits have chomped down.

Yes, this is Hydrangea quercefolia 'Little Honey' which I bought and planted last year. It grew to a nice height and then... it disappeared under the snow only to re-emerge as... a stump. If I didn't have the name-tag still attached (silly me) I wouldn't have realized what had happened.

I am officially a rabbit hater.


Colleen said...

I am surprised the rabbits didn't eat the tag too! They ate everything else in our yards! :)

garden girl said...

Arggg! They eat everything here. It's maddening. The latest victim is a Japanese dappled willow - chewed to the ground. It was recovering from its last attack and had lots of new growth. They even foiled my rabbit fence barrier. Back to the drawing board. I WILL prevail.

garden girl said...

p.s oh yeah, they ate my oak-leaf hydrangea too, and last fall, a bunch of different kinds of hydrangea cuttings that had rooted and begun to bloom. It's war!