Monday, July 19, 2010

A Personal Garden: Charleston, SC

Since I haven't been doing much in my yard this summer, I wanted to share someone else's garden with you all.


Last September, my husband and I (along with his parents) visited Charleston and the home of my mother-in-law's cousin. He's one of the fortunate few to have one of the stately, 100+ year old homes in the historic downtown. I was in love with the architecture and charm of the house, but moreover I was enchanted by the side garden, the hardscapes, and the southern plants that make these gardens truly unique (especially to a Chicagoan).

Here are a few pictures of this personal garden in Charleston. Enjoy!

this path leads to his art studio - this would inspire me to work everyday!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Baby & the Garden

I've been a bit absent in the Garden Blogging world, as well as in my own garden. I'm due in 2-1/2 weeks. Although that hasn't stopped me from pulling a noxious weed taking advantage of my extra 35 lbs, my normal garden routine has flown out the window as I prepare for our littlest one's arrival.

At the same time, I started thinking about what I want from the garden in relationship to the new baby; how I can share my love of the green goodness with the world's newest citizen. Maybe it's the nesting, maybe I'm a dreamer... that's alright.

I've been very conscious of the way we live via our garden: tending to our garden with no pesticides, growing our veggies, supporting local agriculture, conserving water, composting waste, etc etc. I really want to pass that on to our child through the garden -- for example: my husband is going to build a new raised bed veggies, one in which we can plant together as a family and teach our child how food grows. The same goes for the ornamental garden, as we watch the butterflies and bumblebees frolic and flitter through the plants.

I guess I just want the baby to grow up loving the garden (which if he/she is anything like me -- stubborn -- they won't.) So at the very least, I'd like to teach the baby how to ID certain weeds so I can have an extra pair of tiny hands in the garden next spring (wishful thinking!!).