Friday, February 25, 2011

More baby photos ... and garden plants to buy

Thank you for all your well-wishes!

It's been a whirlwind 7 months (Yes, Babius Freemanii is now 7 months old today!); I can't even remember my former life (or former self -- the one that showered daily!).

Here are some photos:

1 month

4 months

6-1/2 months

I just got reminded that I garden when I received my Arboretum Members Plant Sale Catalog in the mail. What? I can stop and think about something other than changing diapers? Sacre bleu!

The most exciting thing in the catalog (for me) was a Blue Shadow Fothergilla (3-6' height/spread). I've coveted this shrub now for 3 years when I learned it can tolerate some shade. All my garden centers sell it for $50 which exceeds my shrub budget, but the catalog has 1-gallon containers for $16. I can wait for it to grow...  Destination: the fence garden.