Friday, February 25, 2011

More baby photos ... and garden plants to buy

Thank you for all your well-wishes!

It's been a whirlwind 7 months (Yes, Babius Freemanii is now 7 months old today!); I can't even remember my former life (or former self -- the one that showered daily!).

Here are some photos:

1 month

4 months

6-1/2 months

I just got reminded that I garden when I received my Arboretum Members Plant Sale Catalog in the mail. What? I can stop and think about something other than changing diapers? Sacre bleu!

The most exciting thing in the catalog (for me) was a Blue Shadow Fothergilla (3-6' height/spread). I've coveted this shrub now for 3 years when I learned it can tolerate some shade. All my garden centers sell it for $50 which exceeds my shrub budget, but the catalog has 1-gallon containers for $16. I can wait for it to grow...  Destination: the fence garden.


garden girl said...

He's a beautiful child Rosemarie - what a blessing! You're going to have so much fun with him in the garden!

Sissy said...

How awesome to see you and him again!!! I have been checking back every couple of weeks! What a blessing, Rosemarie! Now you have a garden Buddy!
(he can go with you on walks thru the Morton!)
Good to "see" you again!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Those fothergillas are awesome, aren't they? And the fall color is killer. Your baby sure is cute! And I, a typical guy, find most babies just, well, eh....

PicketFenceCrafts said...

It's amazing how much time a tiny little baby takes up! I can relate to the "no showers". My boys are now in college and I am once again enjoying showers and not having to share the bathroom with little ones 2 feet tall! Happy Gardening!