Wednesday, March 09, 2011

In search of a tree/shrub for Fence Garden

I found this photo somewhere (Organic Gardening maybe?) and I loved it -- A garden along a fence in the shade (I have the same thing!).

My fence garden (in need of some height)
What I loved most were the crepe myrtels adding height and interest and repetition to this garden;  but we can't grow them here in Chicago / Zone 5.

QUESTION: Is there another tree/shrub that has this multi-stem. interesting trunk, but can fit in a narrow garden along a fence line?


Avocados said...

I love those crepe myrtels. From trunk to leaf they are perfect! Maybe it is time to move south?

Sissy said...

I have just the tree/shrub for you!! Google Seven Sons Tree. I grew the crape myrtle for years in Memphis and though the Seven Sons doesn't have quite as long of a bloom time, it shares many of the same qualities!

Carol said...

There are willows, including the curly willow that you cut back to the ground every year and they grow up about 7 feet during the year with really interesting branch shapes and pretty foliage.

Rosemarie said...

Sissy & Carol -- Thank you for the great recommendations!

Renee said...

What about a service berry tree? You can grow them as multiple-stemmed or one-stemmed. It will do okay in partial shade, and since it's growing taller, it would probably get more sun than the lower plantings.

garden girl said...

Serviceberries are wonderful for part shade! There are some really beautiful cultivars. They're lovely in bloom, have great bark, and birds LOVE the berries. (Humans can enjoy them too!) We have a native serviceberry, and I love it. I saw some yesterday at a pruning workshop - not sure of the cultivar, but they had the prettiest medium-gray satiny bark.

River birches have great bark too. They don't bloom, and might be a bit too big to go close to the fence, but they sure are pretty, and do well in part shade.