Sunday, April 10, 2011

The 2011 To Do List

Now that we have the baby, I need to have more clear cut goals to accomplish in the garden. I think this will make for an easier, focused, garden season while also enjoying the baby.

So here are my goals for 2011:

1. Build vegetable garden (Backyard)
The actual building part belongs to my husband, who has promised to build me a 3x5 raised garden bed in our sunniest plot of land.  This will encroach our existing ramshackle paver patio, but we've started dismantling that already.  My dream veggie garden is this potager ... dream on sister!
 2. Take down plum tree (Front yard)
The saga of the black knot ... why this tree isn't down yet is beyond me. I've been talking about this black knot since this blog started. (This was a multi-stemmed tree we inherited that had just started developing black knot when we moved in. Through the years we've taken down some of the trunks and are now left with 2.) 
3. Build garden bed around fence/hydrangeas (Back yard)
The moles, and voles, and opossums have already started this job for me (see previous post).  I'm just going to edge out a bed and throw some mulch down. Simple.
4. Get rid of plants (Front yard)
I hate the 2 Japanese Barberries in the front. The space might seem barren without them, but there are better shrubs out there (and I will find them).
 5. Visit more gardens
I'm going to take advantage that Babius Freemanii can't speak and say, "I don't want to go to a boring garden, mom." and visit a slew of gardens this spring & summer. I promise.


Colleen said...

Put the Janesvillie Rotary Garden on your list of places to visit while your in WI. :)

I also saw that the Janesvillie Garden Group is going on a field trip to the Ball's Seed Garden in our next of the woods. We should head over there together if you have never been. I've never been there!!!

garden girl said...

Start that little guy early - he'll enjoy garden visits if he can't remember not going. My grandson's 7-1/2 - not an age (especially for a boy,) that you'd think he'd have fun, but he does. The trick, as they get a bit older, is making sure to visit kid-friendly gardens and nature centers. Our little guy loves gardens with old farm equipment especially, and he really loves the wildlife - butterflies, bees, bunnies, etc. Surprisingly he also really enjoys flowers. a lot.

Sissy said...

Bring the babius Freemanii to the arboretum! They have lots of things planned for little ones!

Rosemarie said...

As soon as this weather warms up I plan to be at the Arbo often!!