Thursday, May 12, 2011

My favorite time of year...

... is when the crab apple tree & Korean Spice Viburnums are both in bloom creating a white, pink, fragrant archway out my front door.

Click on photo to enlarge
I probably post this photo every year, but that's because every year I am amazed by it's beauty. The first year we lived in this house and springtime came, I walked out the front door and halted in my tracks, hand to heart;  I had never seen anything so lovely. And it was all mine. Never mind that I didn't plant any of this (I did add the bench at the end of the walk, however), it was still mine and standing under that crabapple all in bloom makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland, waiting for a little white rabbit to come peeking out from beneath it's trunk (no photo I've taken under can do justice). It's my little outdoor oasis.


Balisha said...

I used to have a Korean spice Viburnum right by the front porch. Everyone who came, asked what the beautiful frangrance was. I have just planted a small one here at the edge of my woods.I can only imagine how wonderful your's smell.

Colleen said...

This is a beautiful time of the year. I love to look at your crabapple too! I also think nothing tops the smell of the Viburnum! I am so glad we have one in the back and one in the front! :)

garden girl said...

Oh my gosh Rosemarie - it IS beautiful! I really need to find a spot for Korean Spice viburnum(s). Their fragrance is heavenly, and intoxicating.

Love the photo of Babius Freemanii. What an adorable, happy little guy! How wonderful that he gets to play outdoors now!