Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 11-26th: Backyard Garden Clean Up

After posting last about being stressed out in my garden, we decided to take some action. We hired our babysitter one Saturday for 4 hours and started cleaning up ... weeding, mulching, edging ... we were amazed at how much we got done (it helps when your babysitter is on the clock).

We took down the dead serviceberry (another 2011 casualty); and I re-did the walkway with a fabric barrier for the weeds.


Another day, we took 2 hours while my mom was watching the baby and did the vegetable garden and walkway.
Not 100% finished, but good for now ...
And finally, on my birthday my cousin watched the baby for 2 hours while we finished up the last bit of work (and the one we dreaded the most), underneath the maple tree that had turned into a weed garden of epic proportions.
The gnome and door was my birthday present!
So 8-10 hours of work in the backyard scattered between June 11-26th. Not too bad.

Monday, June 06, 2011

I'm stressed out by my garden: A new mom's plea for help

Please tell me that it's normal to be over-whelmed by the garden when you have a baby.  These last 5 years, I've been used to going out to tend to the garden whenever I want, especially after work when I could shed the work finery, get into my grubby clothes, and head outside shovel in hand. Not anymore.

That being said, I am totally stressed out by my yard. The weeds have taken over, ground cover weeds have sprung up out of nowhere and taken over entire beds, and I don't have the time (or energy) to remove them. I haven't made any pretty pots, and none of my garden objets (like a chair) has been pulled from the garage. It's either 40 degrees or 90 degrees here in Chicago, so most of the time I stare at the garden from inside, baby in my arms.

I'm almost at the point where I want to hire someone to do all this, but then I'll have to stand over them telling them, "No, that's a perennial. Don't pull that." And who has the money for this anyway? Not I, said the new stay-at-home mom!

So that's all. I just needed to get this out. If anyone comes to my yard, just tell them the Clampetts have moved in.