Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Garden Walk: A modern garden

On the garden walk in June, one of the homes was a thoroughly-modern steel number on over an acre of land. Keeping true to the style of the house, as well as to the expanse of land surrounding the house which is on a hill in a heavily wooded area of town, the style was both modern and natural and I never felt the two clashed.

It was fun looking at this garden now that I've been gardening for a while. There's no ever right way to do this so I jotted down my thoughts.

Going up towards the house from the street, trees line the winding drive. It's a beautiful array of small trees, shrubs, and ground cover that have been planted over time. It looks very lived in and lovely. I could have stared at it all day.

 You can see the house through the trees which is actually a dry river bed - a great idea since the house sits up high.

The steel frames of the house tell you this is modern...

...but the surrounding land is natural with large trees, a flowing lawn, and sculptures.

On the terrace of the house, these huge square "pots" continue the modern theme, but I like that they are not overly "scuplted." I like that there are planted trees on the terrace.
 On the upper level (the house level), the walkways are straight. The lines are sharp, but I think the gravel is a good choice over stone - it's still modern but lighter. I don't know about those hostas though - they seem an after-thought.

Again the straight lines with this water feature. I like the row of evergreens and massed grasses behind. The other plantings look new and haven't filled in yet. I'm not crazy about the choices, I would have stuck with a single ground cover there as to not distract my eye from the water feature.

Back on the lawn, the sloping lot lends itself to these large stone walls. This is massive in person, like I was at the Arboretum and not a single family residence. I love the Japanese junipers (?) creeping down the stone. I have one of these and siting it has been a problem.
My final thought. I can only imagine what their monthly landscaping maintenance costs are.


Sissy said...

Wow. I love the water feature. Is that liriope planted near it?

Prestige One Landscaping said...

Great blog! Thanks for sharing!