Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A nightmare comes true

I had this dream a few years ago that my grandfather came over to my house and pruned and chopped down all my plants and shrubs.

Now why would I have a dream like that? It's because my grandpa is from the era of meatball shrubs, topiary trees, and Popsicle plants. Everytime he comes over he complains that my yard is overgrown and everything needs to be sheared. I cringe inside, I'm really one of those, "Don't touch my stuff" kind of person.

Well ... dreams can come true (for all you wishful thinkers out there). And in my case, nightmares too.

The story:
At the end of June, my grandfather was over for a party and being the type who always needs to do something, he started pruning my tomato plants with his army knife. Happy he was doing this for me, I gave him some actual pruners. "This might help," I smiled handing them over.

About ten minutes later, I looked up from a margarita (it was a party after all), to see that my grandpa had moved on from the tomatoes and had started pruning my 2-year old pancicle hydrangea 'pinky winky' of which I had just moved to her new location to accommodate her low spreading branches.

Yes, the nightmare came true. He removed all the low branches and now my beautiful shaped shrub was now a popsicle plant. I yelled, "What are you doing?!" And my grandpa answered, "It's better this way."

I don't need to continue the story--picture lots of tears and crying and you get the picture.

What I really want to know is ... does my plant have a chance to be beautiful once again? Some growth has started to appear at the bottom. This is my first panicle and I don't know enough about them.



Sissy said...

Pinky Winky will be fine, Rosemarie! I wouldn't prune anymore, because the new growth would not harden off before winter, but she will fill back in, before ya know it!

garden girl said...

She'll recover. Next time Grandpa comes, hide the pruners and knives, and install a metal detector on the front door. ;)

rabbit hutches said...

Hey surely your plants will grow green again.And grand pa will be happy to see that.Just take care of your plants and don't believe too much on your dreams.they are just tales.