Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vegetables 2011

One of our goals this year was to build a small vegetable garden, just a 4x4 raised bed near the house and water source.  Previously I had my vegetables -- mainly tomatoes and peppers -- in large pots on the patio and they did really well but I wanted to expand and experiment with a raised bed.

Squash Blossom
Runaway squash
 So this year I planted 4 pepper plants in a large pot -- the ideal location for them -- 3 tomato and 4 eggplant plants in the raised bed, and a pot of mixed herbs (parsley, chives, & basil).

Tomatoes & Eggplants

Two of the tomato plants are heirloom (Brandywine and Rainbow blend) and I bought them already pretty good-sized since I was late with my garden. My only issue with them is that they are so large they have fallen over every time it's rained (a lot these days). I have them caged, but the cages aren't tall enough. When they were in pots, they never grew this large and I always used the same composted soil.
Green heirloom tomatoes
I also have a squash plant that has come out of nowhere that's taking over things -- I've had a few flowers but no squash (the flowers are getting chewed off). If I had known about this plant, I would have caged it too but ...
Pot o' herbs
So far my garden has yielded: 3 eggplants, 3 green peppers (many more on the vine), and a lot of tomatoes (still on the vine as none are ripening).
Eggplant Flower ...

...and now an eggplant

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