Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Backyard Garden 2012: New Plan

Last summer, I hired a landscape designer to redesign my backyard gardens.

I did not inherit a well-thought out backyard, and even though I was slowly improving each garden bed and developing a vegetable garden, the entire vision eluded me.  I was expecting my 2nd baby in the middle of the summer and my oldest was turning 2, I decided that this was a job in which outside help was necessary.
Facing east
Facing west
  • First and foremost, we wanted a patio space and foundation shrub plan in a small yard that was mainly a perennial garden with a small enclosed deck. We also wanted a beautiful vegetable garden plan in the potager style. 
  • Next up, we hired a landscaper to install the patio with clay brick pavers and edge out the garden beds along with perimeter of the yard.
  • And finally in the Fall, we started adding in some of the shrubs per plan -- those that I decided to keep in the plan, of course. (Being a plant lover, my designer and I both knew that I would loosely use the garden plan.)
Our goal for 2013 is to finish the backyard plan which entails:
  1. Completing the side yard fence
  2. Planting the rest of the shrubs
  3. Planting 2 trees
  4. Tearing down the attached shed
  5. Removing existing/Installing new vegetable garden
  6. Planning the perennial garden spaces (woodland garden, butterfly garden, etc)
No small feat, but our yard is very small so we are hoping that we can plan this right and enjoy our yard to fullest.

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