Monday, April 08, 2013


I saw a picture of a terrarium in a Crate & Barrel magazine a few months ago and thought, "What a great idea, i have to make one of these!" Unfortunately I was not the only one inspired: I can't open a magazine without finding pictures of terrariums. Now I'm the last person to jump on any bandwagon; however, I can't let "trendy" stop me from getting my hands into the dirt.

Crate & Barrel Inspiration picture

I searched the Internet for the best way to make a terrarium -- the combination of soil, pebbles, moss, charcoal, etc -- and found that there wasn't any 'right' way. At least, there wasn't any 'one' way. So, as is the way I usually roll, I am playing around here and time will tell if I made these correctly and they live to see another day.

In the end I made 3 terrariums: two with succulents and 1 non-succulent.

For the succulents, I planted:
  • A layer of small pebbles
  • A combo layer of potting soil and succulent soil into which I planted my succulents
  • A top dressing of some stones and moss (or just moss)

For the non succulent, I planted:
  • A layer of small stones
  • A layer of potting soil in which I planted my plant
  • A too dressing of moss to retain moisture

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