Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Milk can table

My new love affair is with Pinterest. At first I couldn't figure out how this worked and I was so busy with the baby and toddler, I didn't need another distraction.

Enter 2013: the year of projects. Alll of a sudden Pinterest became a beacon for all the things I needed to get done this year.

For instance, we put in our patio in 2012 and decked it out with our 2 old adirondack chairs and a bistro table. This spring I added a teak bench. It was still missing something -- a table? Something homemade would fit the bill and so we rummaged in our garage and dug up this old milk can we bought at resale 8 years ago for ... $15? We could use that.

Then on Pinterest I found someone who topped a milk can as a side table. Although I decided to use a 20" glass table top and I liquid nailed the top to the milk can and voila. 

Our new side table perfect for a cup of coffee.