Wednesday, July 03, 2013

In Bloom: Hydrangea 'Twist n Shout'

Our three 'Twist n Shout' Hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla 'PIIHM-I' (PPAF)) are in full bloom at the start of July.

Planted in Fall 2012 along the back fence as per our landscape plan. At 3-5' tall & wide, they are a nice small shrub for my small backyard.  The original plan called for six (6) shrubs, but cost limited me to three (3) -- and now I am sorry for that because they are beautiful! (And thriving, so far).

When we planted these, we filled them in with our homemade compost and I'm assuming that something in the compost altered the pH because one of the shrubs has very blue flowers!  We normally don't see blue flowers because our soil is not very acidic.

The blue on this hydrangea is dreamy blue!

These are considered "lace-cap" hydrangeas, which look like flat-top blooms. And what I love about this specific hydrangea is how large the bloom heads are. I find the lace-cap hydrangeas to be very romantic - if I could call a plant that!

They are planted along the back fence so I can see them from the patio and my kitchen window. They receive more shade than sun, but seem to like it that way.  These should be blooming all summer long - they probably would have started sooner in June, but its been a cloudy summer so far.

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