Tuesday, July 02, 2013

In bloom: Veronica 'hocus pocus'

July enters and so do the blooms of my tiny Veronica 'hocus pocus' (Speedwell).

 I purchased this perennial in 2010 through the Morton Arboretum (who often has "new to the market" specimens). I had never planted speedwell before and have had to transplant it 3 times -- it transplants well, and is now spreading well in its new home along the patio.

Sources say it gets 16-20" high, but my plant still is small; the tallest purple spike only reaches 11". I have 2 plants and the largest has spread 12" wide so I know it shouldn't spread anymore (and that's too bad because I'd like more!).

I consider this a delicate flower (although photos on the web make them look like salvia), small and diminutive, which is why I chose to plant it where I could view it from indoors or the patio. It's also part of my butterfly collection of plants -- but I have yet to see any butterflies. They haven't gotten the message yet.

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