Sunday, July 07, 2013

The backyard garden: Tour of the newly planted yard

By the end of May, we accomplished a major task which was to order and plant all of our shrubs and trees for the backyard garden. Since then, we have been tending, pampering, watering, weeding, and watching them grow. In some cases, the 'watching them grow' bit is an understatement (I'm alluding to my mail order shrubs which I talked about previously).

In many cases I filled in spaces with large perennials that I had around my yard, since most of the shrubs are not even close to full size yet, and it already has a nice lived-in look.

Here is a quick tour around the backyard. (These pictures were taken the middle of June).

Welcome to the Garden (from the side entrance)
After you enter the gate, looking east across the yard (tiny yard)

Standing on the patio looking west

View from patio of more of the fence shrub border

Looking head on at the fence shrub border (1/2 way)

Fence shrub border (2nd 1/2)

View of the patio and the new fence and gate we installed

 My small new butterfly garden off the patio

 The garden along the house/ kitchen window


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Very nice and you will enjoy it every single day.


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