Friday, August 02, 2013

Front yard: from garden bed to grass ... sacre bleu!

The front yard is a work in progress. We have 2 different landscape plans and have not decided what we are doing but... we did know that the large garden bed closest to the street would have to be converted to grass.

I know ... "Make landscape not lawn," right? 

The beautiful curbside garden in 2006
In this case, we had to make a sensible decision and that was with two little kids (now age 3 & 1) the front area was tipping the scale to "unbearable." I can't have a garden I call "My Neglected Garden" -- and if I do, it probably shouldn't be the garden closest to the curb.

Once the trees came down the garden grew wild (2012)
I tended to it up until our son was born in 2010 and then things just got out of hand -- ground cover wars, weed trees, our beautiful Plum tree finally succombed to the Black Knot, and then the Blue Spruce became sickly. What was once a pretty area with solidago, goatsbeard, and peonies became a garden nightmare.

And let's not forget it's about 15' x 30'!

Everything got ripped out (2013)

So we finally called in a landscaping company to rip everything out, regrade the area, and install sod... ugh. More grass to maintain is not my first choice but in this case, it will have to do.

And grassed up (2013)
And it's not as if my house is lacking in any plants, trees, or shrubs!

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