Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Backyard Garden: Vegetable Garden flagstone patio

Our September project was building the hardscape of the vegetable garden.  In April, I posted the plan for the vegetable garden per our landscape designer and it's problems. We had all summer to think about the vegetable area with not much initiative, so what got our butts in action in September?

Free flagstone.

The garden PLAN

Our neighbors were going to tear out their flagstone patio and wanted to get rid of it all.  Never one to turn down some free flagstone - even if the plan ddn't call for it - we decided to take it and that helped kick star us into figuring out how this area was going to look.

The area BEFORE

In the end we didn't detract from the overall "idea" of the landscape designer. We just had to tweak it to fit A) flagstone (not square 4x4 pads) and B) the attached shed which we decided to keep (and the plan doesn't have).

Pulling up the old pavers, leveling out the sand

We made the garden beds more rounded, keeping with the flow of the other garden beds (as opposed to the square beds in the design), although the placement of them still causes concern for te types of vegetable we are going to plant.

Laying the new flagstone

Against the house, I hesitate to plant veggies because I don't want to water close to the foundation. And the other bed, I hesitate to plant anything that gets messy looking because it's out in the open. So the vegetable aspect is still a work in progress.

Adding extra topsoil, compost and sand between the stones

On the other hand, this area is very hot and sunny so I can play with different plants that I can't otherwise have in my backyard garden beds.

Adding the mulch

To be continued next Spring ...


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Very nice and 'free' is always fantastic.

Colleen said...

Maybe herbs along by the house? I never water the sage and oregano and parsley I have. But then they are also kind of weeds in some ways. You'll have oregano all over.

There is one house by house that does a great job of hiding her veggies in her floral garden. I would love to try what she does in our front yard.