Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Clean up time!

Welcome to the first blog post of 2014 in my garden and of course it's Spring Clean up time!

The snow has finally melted and we had a warm Saturday where we took advantage of cleaning up the front yard.

The front yard clean up list:
  1. Cut back ornamental grasses
  2. Cut back beautyberry shrub
  3. spade-edge garden beds
  4. Re-place all the flagstone walkway (I do this every couple years as they tend to shift and sink since they are layed in the dirt and not sand).
  5. Cut back roses
Side walkway - to be replaced soon

Center shared garden - cleaned up and edged.

Front yard - cleaned up and edged. Flagstone re-placed

Front walkway - to be replaced soon.

The only thing we bag up for the city to take away is the ornamental grasses and the rose bushes. All the fallen leaves we didn't mulch up in the Fall, we leave on the garden beds. This helps keep the cost down (we pay per bag and we don't have to constantly re-mulch with wood chips), and it's better for our soil to let the leaves decompose on your garden beds.